Workshop Overview

The Clean Slate Sobriety Workshop is designed for those in treatment programs to help provide an education on the legal consequences of substance abuse as well offer an opportunity to learn how to clear current criminal charges or past convictions so that the individual can continue after treatment with a clean slate.

Part 1 of the workshop focuses on providing a primer on the drug and alcohol criminal laws in Arizona and specifically the severity of the penalties in this state.

Part 2 is a guided group exercise to help those with current or past criminal convictions understand and complete the required documentation that is necessary to file the motion to set aside their conviction and begin the process of clearing their past record.

Overview on Criminal Law

A brief overview on criminal law in Arizona with a special emphasis on drug and alcohol related offenses. Discussion and Q&A on criminal law.

Group Exercise

A guided group exercise to help participants brainstorm and identify supporting reasons to have criminal courts set-aside or “expunge” their records and restore their rights.

Case Review

Step-by-step walk through and assistance in addressing pending case problems or completing the necessary forms, paperwork and set-aside motion for past convictions.

Workshop to last 1.5 to 2 hours and time for general questions and answers or to work through pending cases available.


Presented by Robert F. Gruler Jr.

Criminal defense attorney Robert F. Gruler is the founding partner of R&R Law Group, a criminal defense and personal injury law firm located in Scottsdale and serving all of Arizona.

Founded in 2014, Robert and his partner Ryan W. Cummings have built a team that has helped thousands of people facing criminal charges.

In 2016, Robert and his family experienced a tragic loss as a result of the opiate and suicide crisis spreading throughout the United States and the world.

Shortly thereafter, Robert came to terms with his own history of alcoholism and decided to make a change in his life.

Today, Robert is actively involved in AA, sponsoring those searching for a better way and using his background in criminal law to continue to be of service to others seeking to break free from their past.

Robert is licensed to practice law in the State of Arizona, California, the Federal Court for the District of Arizona and the United State Supreme Court.

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